Sunday, September 27, 2009

6 months

So I'm 6 months today. I have to say I'm enjoying this time more than any other so far in pregnancy. Feeling baby kicking away, getting winded walking a few feet too fast, starting to buy baby 'stuff.' I'm getting excited now that some of the major hurdles are over...or so I think! I guess I'll only get bigger and bigger from here! I like that people can actually TELL now that I'm pregnant. Although now people are asking to touch my belly, at first I was appalled! How weird of a question is that! But then I realized, 'oh yeah, it IS cool to touch a pregnant woman's belly.' Hard to get used to though! Now ahead is just trying to pick out names. I basically have to stop running names past people. I'm tired of seeing people's reactions to names I like. I figure they're pretty normal names but then...I guess we all have our opinions. I guess the name will stay a secret until the end! (especially since we haven't a clue what to call him!) I'm willing to take suggestions though...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belly button

Had a super weird moment today...I looked down at my belly only to find that 'pop' my belly button looked super strange. I know it may look normal to some people, but truly, it has suddenly poked out more than normal. It even feels funny! Jason noticed it right away too. My body is definitely not feeling like my own anymore! Especially when lying in bed and all of a sudden it starts visibly moving from the outside. Crazy! I love that I can feel baby move more and more though.

Makes me think he's going to be a ballroom dancing, soccer playing, gymnast! Yup, that's right, HE.

P.s. it was a huge surprise! I thought for sure it was a girl- and I mean FOR SURE. I even bought this little cute pink dress and had a name picked out. When the doctor said it was a boy I was more than flabbergasted how my 'baby sense' got so mixed up. So, shhhh no telling my son that the first outfit I bought for him was a dress!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby boogie

For the longest time I was unsure if I was feeling the baby move or not. It felt like little flutters that I was pretty certain was not my bowels or liver or anything else...but I wasn't quite sure. Well, over the last week or so (week 20/21) I am now CERTAIN that I'm feeling the baby move. This time there are more definite 'kick-like' sensations I've been feeling. The other day I was busy all day but then sat down to rest and all of a sudden I felt the 'thud' in my belly, I was like "was that baby?" but then two seconds later, in the exact same spot, was the same thud feeling. Now I notice it a lot more. I especially notice it when I really have to pee but haven't made it to the bathroom yet, and baby either thinks a new trampoline has appeared or decides things are getting too crowded in there with my bladder in the way and starts stomping away on it. It's the weirdest sensation- baby river dance on my bladder! Sometimes too it makes me laugh out loud feeling the baby feels funny! And then, two nights ago, I was lying in bed and the thuds started coming on a certain side of my belly so I told J to put his hand there...not sure if he could feel it or not...and he could! The baby just kept kicking the same spot or head butting or whatever and jason felt it all! How special! I wonder what baby's patterns are for sleeping/moving because I feel baby move pretty erratically- mainly when I've stopped and am resting or sitting. Interesting. I love feeling the baby move though because it reminds me he/she is still there and flexing his/her little muscles!
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