Sunday, March 15, 2015

Silas' Birthday

Ooops.  This happened in January but I didn't post it.  Silas had an Art party and it was SO fun.  He is really into art these days so some of the party activities included:

1. Kids started out by decorating the table which had a large paper over it- with crayons and stickers while they waited for other kids to arrive.  

2. Then while the kids were each making bracelets and necklaces out of dyed pasta, they took turns blow drying crayons to melt them into an 's' shape for Silas to keep.  Note to self: don't over-dry the pasta because they break easy!  Mini disaster but, still fun.  (The kids LOVED the hair drying).

3. Each of the kids had a canvas to do a portrait which was super fun as well.

Some decoration details:
Paint chip banner!  (Free paint chips!), Crayon boxes, crayons wrapped around jars, art supplies all around


Paint palette
the Cake (pretty simple exterior) 

Paint can (empty one) $5, plastic table cloth from dollar store
"spilling paint" effect 

Circle banner- little cut out paper circles strung together by sewing 

Silas wanted to add to the decor and made 'art' signs for the front door

Paint spilling on the front patio

$2 art sets from the dollar store as goody bags


 Paint splatter 'confetti' on the art table
 Melting crayons

Rainbow on the inside!  

Fiona Turns 1

Cannot believe that this sweet little girl turns 1!  I unfortunately go back to work on her birthday so we decided to celebrate the week early.  The boys enjoyed decorating with a bit of pink here and there.  She was pretty crabby for most of her party, but then perked up after a few (first) bites of cake.  She didn't know what to do with it- picked it up, smeared it around, and gave lots of pieces to daddy but eventually took a few bites.  She loved eating the tissue paper from her presents (as usual) and figured out opening presents pretty quickly.

Sweet girl:
You are determined and feisty.  You are always moving and exploring, climbing, and investigating.  You have the sweetest dimpled smile, and funniest 'cackle' laugh.  You love your brothers and they adore you.  You love music and dance and chatter every time it's on.  You love playing guitar with daddy and playing piano with mommy.  You love cheese and snuggles, being held, and climbing on playgrounds.  You love soft things, and being outdoors- exploring, being carried, being pushed in your stroller.  You have added delicate beauty to our home and a sweetness we could not have imagined!

So blessed to have your curious, sweet, fun-loving spirit in our home!
She loves climbing in Toby's bed!

Just figured out how to sew banners with paper.  SO MUCH EASIER.

Pink & Grey themed

My pinterest cake attempt =)

What IS that?

Here you go Daddy!

Oh, this is actually pretty good!

Clothes!  (Such a girl)

Tea Set (Toby liked it even more than Fiona)


Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Adoption Story

You there, questioning if God is real.
Wondering what the big deal is, "I'm just fine," you say.
"I don't believe in 'fairy tales' and 'religious crutches," you say.

O disbelieving one.
Love has come for you.  True love.
Love like nothing in this world can ever give you.

You there, feeling all alone.
Feeling unknown, unseen.  
Orphaned by the world.  Lonely. Rejected. Unloved.
You there, sitting alone, head in hands.  Wondering why you are here.  Why no one cares.
Wondering who will come for you. Who will save you from your empty reality. 

He has come for you.  Your lover.  Your rescuer.
He is here.

You see, I was just like you.
What other reality could there possibly be other than what I see?
"I am fine."  
But I didn't know that I was actually, 
an orphan.

Malnourished.  In pain.  Neglected.  Alone.  Father-less.  Family-less.  Purpose-less.  Aim-less.  Amounting to nothing. Truly known by no one.  Comfortable in my own poverty.  The cold, empty crib I was sitting in.  It was fine. 

Until He came for me.
He CAME for me.
Love.  I didn't ask for it.  I didn't get washed up and prettied so He pick me.  He just did.
I was an orphan and now I am in a family.  Loved beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Held. Kissed.  Known.  Cherished.  Belonging.  
In His arms.  Forever.  And it was nothing I did.  He did it all.

How could I not have known this reality existed?   
Now, I know perfect love.  He will not abandon me.  He will not neglect me.  He will care for me.  Provide for me.  Father me.  Love me through every storm and long night in this life.  I am never alone.  Not for a moment.

So you wonder, what it is we crazy Christians believe.  
We believe in adoption.

God adopted me.  

I was an orphan and He saved me.  He gave it all so I could enter into a love relationship with Him that can never be taken away.
And all He wants, is to love YOU too.  TO know you as His own child.

It has never been about religion.  It has always been about falling in love.  With a God who loves you, rescues you, chooses you, and simply wants to adopt you.

Will you let Him?

*message me if you have any questions or would like to know more.

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