Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Choice

*I could spend pages writing about how low and despairing I am.  How bad my sleep is, how terrible this lot that has been given to me.  

I could weep onto this page with descriptive words of what terrible fatigue feels like and blog about how endlessly bad I've gotten it.  I could appeal for justice, I could beg for your prayers, your pity.  

But the truth is this:  I have endless, eternal reasons to have hope. I have great and wonderful reasons to praise God.  I have a Savior who endured suffering to the point of death, so that I could receive new life.  He is more than enough to carry me through the deepest, darkest, scariest valley that I could encounter in this life.  

His comfort is my shelter,  hoping in Him is not only all I've got, but it's all I need.  I am weary, I am broken, I'm run-down, I am at the lowest place but I will choose, right now, to life up His praises.  

I will fight this sorrow, this despair with praise.  Why?  Because God is good.  Because He is enough.  Because God loves me and will not abandon me.  Because God will rescue me.  If not from my circumstances, He will rescue me from the pit of despair and fear.  To You, O Lord, be the glory forever and ever.*

With no reason to hope and fear rising within
Unable to face this suffering once again
At the end of myself, the end of my rope
I will choose once again in my Jesus to hope

That He will soon restore me
Bring new life from despair
That He will yet heal me
And comfort my fears

I offer my sorrow
And I take up your praise
I’ll choose joy in this valley
Your name high I will raise

For Your promises are faithful
Your love, it is sure,
Your presence is with me
Your mercy endures

I will not fear the darkness
Another night filled with strife
I will dwell in your goodness
You are the author of my life

Your ways, they are higher
Your plans, they are great
I do not doubt you will rescue
I will be patient and wait

For you do not abandon
Those that you love
You bring rest to the weary
And help the lowly rise up

Oh dear potter, I trust you
My brokenness, please mend
Be glorified in my suffering
This trial to you, I rend.

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