Tuesday, December 23, 2014

9 Month Old Beauty

Oh baby girl, how you've grown.  And all I can think is wow, how you have added to our home.  Little one, how precious you are to this family!  Your sweet cheeks, cooing noises, clapping hands, and persistent exploration bring us much delight.

9 months!  Look what you can do:
-Climbing stairs, delicately and cautiously (and learning to go back down properly)
-Eating 3 meals of solids a day- you love bananas, puffs, and yogurt
-You are the most determined and persistent little thing.  How many times a day do I drag you back from the Christmas tree presents that you are trying so desperately to tear apart?
-You love to snuggle, to wrestle, to climb on top of us
-You love your Mama and want to be held so often. Velcro baby.  You just want to be in the thick of things.
-You stand up beside anything and everything- tables, stairs, couches.  You are moving along furniture quite a lot now
-You still wake up at night (ah!) and still are not a good napper (arg!) but you are so soft and sweet, we forgive you for it easily
-You can clap!  And you are so proud of this fact
-You love peek-a-boo, and love it when Silas jumps out at you
-You always look for your brothers \
-You are the grabbiest little thing ever.  Your pinch can send a grown man through the roof and you love grabbing mommy's earrings, Daddy's hair, and your brothers' faces
-You love your little giraffe toy best
-You hate your car seat
-You can sometimes sleep in the stroller but otherwise prefer your bed
-You are so ticklish under your arm pits, on your chunky thighs and under your neck
-You love chasing your brothers around, taking their trains, and wrecking their building projects
-You know your name and get stranger anxiety
-You are the calmest and quietest when we go outside for walks.  You love fresh air!
-You love splashing in the bath and go crazy when you get to have a bath with your brothers- and love climbing over them to get the bath toy you want
-You love music and dance along to the beat.  You love grabbing Daddy's guitar and trying to strum along
-You love hiding under the counter bar chairs and under the piano- eating the pedal cord.  Funny girl.
-I cannot count the amount of times you have eaten paper.  
-You are the fastest little crawler.  We find you everywhere and in everything!  You love disorganizing mommy's pantry 

You are loved. We are blessed.  Praise God for your sweet face and your open smile.  Can't wait to see all the beautiful gifts God has placed in you and how He will use your life for His glory.

-these beautiful pics courtesy of Nathan Sawatsky photography

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