Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My First Button Letter

I've been wanting to be more creative lately to rejuvenate my spirit and help me through this rough newborn/new-to-having 2 kids season...and so I did a mini pinterest project last night:

Button letters for the boys' room!  I did it a bit differently than I saw on Pinterest and hot-glue-gunned buttons to the outer glass on a frame so that I can change the background as often as I want to (it's scrapbook paper as a background).  It turned out super well and was super cheap!  

$2.50 for a whole big bag of green buttons at the dollar store (amazing deal)
$15 for frame at home sense
I already had the scrapbook paper and the hot glue and voila.  
I printed a large size of the letter 's' off the computer to use as a guide

Me working on the glass with a computer printed letter as my guide underneath:


Thankfully, Jason was holding Toby while he pretty much cried the whole time I did this project.  Only took an hour or so!  Sigh.  Toby is just not a good sleeper during the daytime- only wants to be held.

I'm gonna try and do a blue letter for Toby's 'T' next!


  1. I love it! Great idea to glue the buttons on top of the glass. I might have to make one of these for Noah's room!

  2. I am super-impressed! It looks great, and fantastic idea to be able to change the background if you want to! I'm finding myself jealous of all your crafting-abilities... -Jeana

  3. Hi Shannon, this letter is beautiful! I like to do creative projects for a bit of soul rejuvenation as well and this inspires me. Would it be lame if I made one too, lol?
    I love reading your FB statuses because it helps me appreciate God's work in our lives through your life as a mom, woman and wife.
    Hugs to you and your super cute little ones, and a high-five for Jason!


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