Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Toby, Dear Toby

3 months old and here's what we know:

  • he doesn't like to sleep during the day, in fact, we have to carry him for a lot of naps
  • when he's awake and fed he's sooo smiley and cute
  • he loves looking at himself and mommy in the mirror
  • his prime time is 8-10 pm when he loves to talk and coo and imitate our voices
  • he is not quite ready for the jolly jumper but he's got some pretty strong kicks, he'll be ready in no time!
  • he can grab things that are dangling in front of him!
  • he has blue eyes and more fair skin than Silas but otherwise is a spitting image!
  • he is cuuuuuute and has chubby rolls already
  • he has two dimples- one on his chin and one on his left cheek when he smiles
  • he has very expressive eyebrows which he raises at new sounds
  • he is feisty and happy, a good eater and a good night-time sleeper
  • he doesn't really like his carseat when he's awake, unless it's bright or a light is on
  • he's not a big fan of the stroller

 mr smiles!
expressive eyebrows [shock!]

kissy face!
trying to take a picture of us proved more difficult than I thought


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you posted some new pics, I wanted a visual update of my nephew. :) Can't wait to meet him!!

  2. What a cute little guy. In the first two pictures I totally thought he looked like Jason, but now in the last two, much more like Shannon!


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