Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silas Turns 2

Okay.  I was going for 'less over-kill' of a party than what I had glimpsed on Pinterest.  Themes?  Goody-bags? Treats?  Good heavens, who are these parents that spoil their children?
Oops.  I guess I might fall into that category.  It's just so fun planning a party for your child.  We had some close friends and family join us at a great new play place.  And by great, I mean A-MAZING.  They had fridges for food, it was new (like 5 days new) so everything was clean and awesome, they provided a room and balloons and helped clean up. They even had ball pits to play in [pre-vomit/pee-infested]. The play area was HUGE and it didn't have holes all over where little tots could fall out-forcing adults to climb up in with their kids.  Silas could go through it all on his own.  Hardly anyone was there either [except our party] since the weather was insane and it was so new nobody had heard of it.  

I made rainbow fruit and veggie trays, ordered some pizza, and Jason helped me make a really fun train cake in the shape of a 2. Silas was enthralled with the play place and loved having all his buddies around him.  If only it wasn't so hectic with me prepping, and taking care of Toby- I would have loved to have spent a whole day there [this is in my future].  

2 kids having accidents and mommies coming to each others' rescue with extra pants and such
Toby being carted around naked (save the diaper) for the above issue as well
Silas' face while cramming it full of cake
Watching Silas attempt the big slide on his own
'I'm two!'

the '2' shaped train cake

yay for playnation! [it's actually much bigger than this picture shows and has an awesome toddler area, except, Silas went straight to this big play structure and skipped the toddler area]

we had an upstairs room: 
 mmmm pizza.

rainbow fruit and veggie platters:
good friends Nathan and Aiden: 
more cake: 

It was all so overwhelming for him he didn't hardly get to his presents.  We still have a bike to give him [not that he can ride it anywhere at this time of the year, stupid winter birthdays!]  

I totally didn't have the time to take pictures of the whole thing and am kicking myself.  I had this big plan to take pictures of Silas individually with all his friends or as a group of kids to have as a momento.  Totally. Forgot.  [Arg]

We're so thankful to have this little bundle of boy with us.  How lucky are we?  So glad to have shared this day with people we love and who love Silas.

Oh, and because I always gave my parents a hard time for neglecting to take photos of me, the 2nd child, here's one of Toby:
Thankfully he slept for some of the time and was held the rest of the time [hardly cried at all!]
Jason.  Playing with Silas' new train tracks after he went to bed.  [What is with boys/men and trains?] 

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  1. Oh my goodness, Shannon-- that cake is amazing! I am super impressed! I wish we could have been there to celebrate Silas's second birthday with you all. We miss you! --Jeana, for the Roths


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