Thursday, September 8, 2011

Camping Adventure

Again, we found ourselves packing this summer.  What a full summer it has been!  However, despite traveling across the States to Colorado, studying there for 4 weeks, going boating in Harrison with family, working, and having visitors stay with us...what would summer be without one last camping adventure?

Neither Jason nor I had been up the sunshine coast much, so we booked at Porpoise Bay campground just past Sechelt and off we went with some friends.  We had many adventures:

Adventure #1:  fitting 4 adults and one child into our 5 seater Kia Rondo.  Good thing we had a cartop carrier! Mission was successful (except we had to shop for food there)
A#2: the ferries.  If you live in the lower mainland you know that it's possible to sit for HOURS in a ferry line up and keep missing ferry after ferry.  Low and behold, without having a reservation and it being the long weekend, we only had to wait just over an hour to get on the ferry!  The way back was similar- we hardly waited!  
A#3: Silas hadn't been on a 'big boat' before and he loved it!  Here he is (fighting his hat)

A#4: Food.  I can't say this was that adventurous because we came up with some incredible camping cuisine.  We enjoyed: farmers sausage cooked over the fire- piled high with fried onions and fresh corn on the cobb, incredible lentil soup cooked by Gillian (see below), fresh sandwiches, locally baked scones, french-style crepes, etc.  Who said camping had consist of 'packaged' meals?
 Even the squirrels liked it!  (We named this brave fella' Skookum)

 A#5: Hike to Skookumchuk narrows.  4 km each way and we did not bring our hiking carrier for Silas (there just wasn't room!)  He did incredibly well and did a lot of hiking himself.  He surely is (as his namesake means) a 'man of the forest.'

The narrows were super cool.  It's where the tide comes rushing into a narrow inlet creating huge waves.  Such that kayakers frequent the area to do tricks and practice.  VERY interesting.

 Back on the ferry again:

The weather was beautiful, the food was great, the company was awesome, overall we had a great time.  The only thing was...IT WAS A LOT OF WORK.  Not sure it was really that relaxing with trying to get Silas to sleep in the tent, his constant falling and getting into trouble, and well, you know, the cooking.  Sigh.  When will vacations like this be actually rejuvenating?  Then we got home only to find that our washer was broken and were reminded that we still hadn't finished our backsplash tiling project.  Good grief.  Oh well.  C'est la vie.  At least this cutie keeps us laughing and living: 
(showing off his tan line)
 Looks like we'll need a new tent for next summer though.   Until then, our camping stuff is packed away for another season!

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