Wednesday, June 4, 2014

72 Vancouver Summertime Family-Fun Activities

Taken recently at Whytecliffe Park, West Vancouver.  Awesome place to explore.

Another summer ahead which means lists.  OKAY.  No it doesn't.  But for me, having a bunch of fun ideas up my sleeve is so helpful.  The catch is, we need people to do these things with us because these adventures are always better in community.

So, let's make some plans.

1. Daddy and boys camp out (Brae Island?)  Any other dads with their boys want to join Jason for a night?
2. Go to the Richmond night market. Took pictures with a giant, british duck, witnessed the hilarity of attempted zorbing on water, ate deep fried cheesecake, and street meet.  
3. Evening walk up to Menchies. Great that they have dairy free options for Silas, Toby and I!  
4. Swim in this pool in Stanley Park. Or another outdoor pool. Not sure what we'll do with Fiona...
5. Lynden, Washington's City Park.  The park of a 'million smiles.'
6. Go to the Celebration of Lights. Many a childhood memory was spent waiting on the beach for hours, and playing 'sardine' in the crowds afterwards.  We. Need. A. Date. Night.
7. Upright paddle boarding in False Creek!  Groupon is bought!  Can't wait to do this with Jason.
8. Go to a festival.  Canada day?  International festival? Yay Walnut Grove Family Festival!  Pony rides, bouncy castle and lemonade.
9. Fly our kite.  We bought one years ago in the Oregon coast and have yet to show the kids.  Maybe Vanier Park?  False Creek?
10. Build a sand castle.  Like, a cool one.
11. Go Geocaching.  The boys would love this!
12. Pick berries at Krause, enjoy some corn pizza (amazing) and make jam (like a ton) to stock up for the year.  
13. Camping with our life group!
14. Make water balloons.
15. Ride on a boat with the boys.  Okay, who has a boat?Got to go on their uncle's 'speed boat' and try out tubing!  So fun.
16. Bike around the seawall.  Silas has no training wheels and Toby is rocking the strider.  Any suggestions for Fiona?  She's still a bit too small...
17. VBS for the boys.  Any suggestions? Silas went to Earth Explorers preschool camp.  So fun!  Except now he's afraid of tornadoes?
18. Hike at deep cove or Buntzen Lake.
19  Ice cream from the ice cream truck.
20. Enjoy Frappucinos, slurpees, or smoothies.  
21. Set up a lemonade stand.  Silas would totally go for this.At our Garage Sale Silas was quite the salesman- although he sold more rice krispie squares and cookies than lemonade.
22. Swim in Sasamat lake and hang out at White Pine Beach for the day.
23. Ride a ferry.  
24. Centennial park - check it out (I've heard good things)
25. Host a block party and/or BBQ.
26. No shoes day!  This isn't hard, Toby never wears any.
27. Evening swim at a [free] Surrey outdoor pool.
28. Have a water fight.  On a hot afternoon I decided it was pointless to try and get anything done so the boys and I used squirt bottles, hoses, and little empty shampoo bottles for an awesome waterfight. So. Fun.
29. Side-walk chalk 'bomb' friend's houses [with encouraging messages from the Brinks]
30. Ride the skytrain.
31. Make a fort in the forest.
32. Have floats.  (Rice ice cream, anyone?)
34. Day trip to the Othello tunnels. 
35. Make popsicles
36. Have a garage sale.  Silas is excited about this, and I can't wait to kick more stuff out of our house.
36. Beach day at English Bay or Crescent Beach. 
37. Outdoor movie night.
38. Picnic breakfast!
39. Pick blackberries around our neighborhood.
40. Rock hopping at Golden Ears Provincial Park.
41. Go the zoo.
45. Take the boys to a sporting event of some kind.
46. Picnic at Rocky Point Park
47. Deliver jam or berry pies to our neighbors
48. Sleep in a tent in our backyard.
49. Run through the sprinkler. Even better, they went on a trampoline in the sprinkler!
50. Watch Art in the Park- people set up to paint in Stanley Park.
51. Take the boys Rock-wall climbing
52. Magnifying glass and binocular nature walk.  Boys might enjoy this!
53. Bike obstacle course.
54. Feed ducks.
55. Do a Science experiment.Tornadoes in a bottle!
56. Make S'mores
57. Play board games outside.
58. Make it to Deception Pass in Washington
59. House-sit for someone.
60. Trampoline and sprinkler.
61. Participate in a run, a walk, or a bike ride for a good cause (such as this one).
62. Make a new colour play-doh.
63. Have a popsicle party at our house (or a BBQ).
64. Check out Redwood Park in Surrey.  We've heard it's super fun.
65. Fly to Ontario and stay in a cottage for a week with tons of extended family.
66. Catch frogs, snakes or bugs.  Ewww, but I'm up for it.
67. Leave funny faces on trees in a forest trail for other hikers to discover. We saw one in a trail recently and the boys thought it was awesome.  Now to make one with natural ingredients instead of buying one...
68. Outdoor bedtime stories (get a bunch from the library and read them outside before bed).
69. Make bird feeders.
70. Go on a water slide.  If the boys are too little, I think J and I should go on a date night, or does anyone want to do a couples date night where all of us child-rearing adults can go and have some clean fun and go night sliding?   WOULD BE SO FUN. 
71. Make boats and sail them somewhere.
72. Play baseball in the park.

Sign up now.  Join us for some summer fun!

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