Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My sweet little sprite is almost 3 months old.  Fiona, dear pixie, here is what I know about you so far:

1. Your smile fills your entire face.  It is huge and bold, and lights a room with sunshine.
2. You love to talk.  My chatty little girl already.  As long as Mommy is right up in your face, whale speaking, you are sing-songing and cooing along with me.  
3. You are a tricky little one.  You take some fancy tricks to keep you asleep at nap time, but I'm onto you...
4. You nap for a solid 2-3 hours every afternoon with my persistent efforts. Thank you. Mommy needs that time with her boys.
5. You're an explosive one.  Lovely pink girly accessories?  There is not a single type of clothing you can't erupt out of.  You are one messy girl.
6. You love to be carried, but this Mama's back is suffering. You don't love to sleep in the car seat and you prefer to sleep at home, in a bed, or on someone.  
7. Your brothers are gaga over you.  They fight over where to put you during dinner so they can both see you, they kiss you at random, and sing "Fiona" songs all day.  You are a lucky gal.
8. You are a feisty one.  You kick and fidget and move.  You have discovered the jolly jumper and I can already tell it will be your second home (after your Mom's arms).
9.  You have got the most sparkly blue eyes, and reddish hair.  
10. I cannot help myself, I want to eat your sweet cheeks everyday.
11. You share Toby's dimples and fair skin but I can already tell you've got the social, active Silas character.  Or maybe, you're a bit in-between.  Can't wait to unravel your beautiful personality.

 Look how much you've already grown!

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